Thursday, August 28, 2008

This shouldn't be happening

Ok, I thought (and anticipated) that if we were homeschooling the virus train would pass by our house. It made sense last fall that when school started Chris would start bringing home cold after cold after cold... but we've only been schooling for a week or so now and at least two of our kids have colds. Nasty, low grade fever, coughing, dripping, keeping us up at night colds. How did this happen? I did not make a place in my lesson planner for colds. Hmmm.... that reminds me, I need to find my lesson planner. I'm sure there are lots of wise organized things in there that I need, but I haven't seen it since sometime before fair.

I tried to get Chris to take a sick day today (because I'd like to lounge about drinking coffee and reading smut novels) but he's all for pressing on despite the cold (darn it!). What does it say about me that my six year old has a better work ethic than I do? He's really doing well with his math, but you sure couldn't tell that yesterday when Sam's teacher came to visit. It's really nice, before school starts for the year the Parkview teachers and their assistants go to everybody's house and pass out information packets. Sam thought it was pretty cool to meet his teacher in his own house. He even tried to show her his favorite toys... except that every 30 seconds Chris would run screaming through the living room, shouting, "I don't have enough blocks!!!! AAAAAAA!!!!!" It would have been much funnier if this were not the first time we met Mrs. Wells.

Chris just came out on the patio to talk with me about quail. He's very excited about the idea of hatching some eggs and releasing the quail into our pasture. I'm pretty excited about it too. If only incubators didn't start at $150 (for the ones without the automatic turner). I was picturing doing the egg project sometime next spring, but I don't know if I can live with Chris that long before I strangle him, so... we may need to move forward faster on this adventure. Does anyone have an incubator they'd like to loan (or rent) us?

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Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room