Thursday, January 08, 2009

Angst resolved

I finally received a response from the co-op director with info about my co-teacher. It turns out she's someone I graduated from high school with (about a million years ago). She also has the curriculum thing in hand since the human body class was her idea. It's such a relief not to have that hanging over my head anymore. I just have to show up and teach my classes (we're alternating weeks). She's following the Joy School curriculum (which I've never seen but have heard good things about) and plans to adapt it to fit within our alloted time.

My co-teacher also suggested facebook as a great place to catch up with others (so I'm not shocked when I walk into a room and am working with someone I actually know- but don't recognize). That same day my cousin Angie sent me an invite so that all the cousins could be in contact easily. It's now official. I think I may be addicted to facebook. Hopefully once the new wears off it won't seem so seductive and steal so much of my time.

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natalie said...

Facebook is addicting. Phil calls it the dark side.

Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room