Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prayer Requests

What a week. My mother-in-law had surgery on Wednesday. She seems to be recovering well although she's still in pain and not feeling like her usual self.

Our neighbor went hunting for a couple of weeks and had a cousin stay and house sit at her place. Sometime last Tuesday her cat disappeared. Laurie loves her animals like I love my children and she just wants to know what happened to her cat. If he died she'd like to find out and if he's alive she'd like to get him back and care for him.

One of my friends called last night to tell me she was in labor and is staying in the hospital for awhile. Her baby's at 27 weeks gestation. Although we'd all like to meet her they're hoping she waits a couple more months before entering the world. There just isn't much that's scarier than not knowing if your child's going to be healthy.

It is a brisk and rainy morning here in Nampa and we did not go to church. I am trying to finish Pat's quilt and vacuum dog hair off our bright red carpet. At 9:30 this morning I put the makings of vegetable beef soup in the crock-pot and later I'll make some rolls to take with the soup for Jennifer's family.

Relief Society is one of the wonders of the modern world (in my opinion). It is at times like this that I wish all communities had a Relief Society (not just Mormons). Today I need to begin calling moms in our 4-H club and trying to line up help for Jennifer's family for as long as her family needs help (I'm thinking it's going to be about 2 months). There is way too much to be done for the entire burden to rest on one person. Her husband is amazing about caring for all 3 of their existing children, but by Tuesday he needs to be back to work. Tomorrow he's working from home, but with three children that's an awfully difficult way to complete your work. I'll help all I can, but my primary duty is to my own family... so here I am, back at the idea of Relief Society. We're Lutheran and while Lutherans are wonderful people they don't have an organization whose main purpose is caring for families in times of need. The infrastructure isn't the same and it's a bit more difficult to get the ball rolling and arrange for many people to share the burden of caring for a family. I'm sure it can be done. In fact, I'm sure it will be done. I'm just not sure how and when it will be done.

So, my wish for today is that anyone reading this post include my mother-in-law Pat, my neighbor Laurie, and my friend Jennifer in your prayers.

Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room