Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Women everywhere should rejoice!

This evening I watched Sarah Palin accept the Vice Presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention. For several days now I have been reserving judgement about whether she is a good choice as McCain's running mate. Tonight I am certain... I like Sarah Palin. It doesn't matter what goes on in her personal life. This is one tough lady. She stands for reform. Not only does she stand for reform she has a track record that shows she can accomplish it. We live in a country rich in natural resources. She is for using them. What a concept. Her oldest child ships off to war on September 11th. She's for winning that war. Sarah Palin is not part of the old guard political machine- and that works in her favor.

In an earlier post I questioned how she would be recieved by other conservative women. Browsing blogs on the internet I've found that many think her place is at home with her family. I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom. I believe God called me to stay home and he gifted me with some special children who really need me here. I don't think God gives every woman the same calling. I don't think God gives the same calling to every mother. There are women out there who serve an even greater good. There are women like Sarah Palin.

Today I spent some time reading up on Darfur. The plight of the Sudanese people really moved me. We are so lucky to live here. In the United States we are incredibly safe compared to some other regions of the world. The day to day struggles we face are not usually struggles to simply survive. We take that for granted.

A mother in Darfur would most likely be willing to do anything to make her home safer. I celebrate that we have the opportunity to voice differing opinions on a wide variety of subjects in my country. How lucky am I that I can choose to stay home and educate my children in the manner I believe is best for them? How lucky am I that many people fought and died in order to give me the freedom to criticize my government? Not only can I criticize my government I can change my government. Yes, that's right; I have that power. And so do you.

Sarah Palin is one tough lady. Her campaign platform, while running for Governor in Alaska, was to reform corrupt government and give the power back to the people. And she did it. Motherhood doesn't make us weak and put us at the mercy of others, without our own voice. It makes us strong. Motherhood clarifys our purpose in life. It makes us question what we need to do in order to ensure survival and safety for our children. Sometimes it gives us reason to stand for something, and risk everything, because it's in the best interests of our children. I cannot criticize this woman for not staying home and postponing her career. She has a message, and an imperative to move forward in political office. She is a driving force for change, for honesty, and for common sense. She is working not just to raise her children, but to improve the world they live in, on a very grand scale.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

I cried as I watched her speak because I'm just so torn ... I agree now that she is a good choice for VP, she is very charismatic and has an amazing combination of intelligence and strength. It still hurts me to to think of how much her family would have to sacrifice to give their mommy to all of us, but you spoke of the greater good. I am not in favor of bigger government controlling more of my life, I do think this country has been blessed by God with natural resources and it is foolish to buy our oil from foreign lands. We need to use the land wisely.

Good gravy ... I think I'd like to have this woman in the White House.

Janet said...

I'd really rather have her than John McCain.

It is difficult to totally embrace different ways of raising families. We struggle so much in deciding what is best for our children and it is never an easy choice whether to work or stay home. All the little details cause us angst and we hope that nothing we do screws our children up too badly... in the end, I'm not sure it makes much difference what we do. Our children will become adults with victories and challenges independent of what we expect from them. So long as we love them and demonstrate responsible, compassionate behaviour, I think the kids will be fine.

vesperstar said...


I usually comment on Mrs. B's blog, but since she linked here, I thought I would take a look. So, hopefully my comment won't be too intrusive.

I'm not sure she is such a political reformer. I'll leave the motherhood and politics topic alone, but just address some of the policy issues.

Palin's claim of cutting big, wasteful government spending stems from her defeating the "bridge to nowhere." When in reality, she supported that bridge. She denounced it once it became a debacle. She also KEPT the earmarked money for the project, some $223 million bucks.

Her first move when she became mayor of Wasilla was to hire Washington insiders and lobbyists. She got $26.9 million in earmarks for her town of 6,715 residents. Comparatively, in one year a much larger city like Boise, Idaho with about 200,000 people (at least last time I checked) got about the same as those 7,000 or so people. I think Idahoans deserve as much for their tax dollars as Alaskans. Palin is part of the political machine and knows how to work the current system.

So, personally, I'm not convinced of her reformer status.

katie said...

I agree that Sarah Palin knows how to work the system...she wouldn't be where she is if she didn't. And frankly, we need someone who knows how to get things done! I don't know very much about her--I don't think anyone really knows yet.

But, she's very appealing (at least to me as a conservative) because she has strong conservative values on social issues and she seems dedicated to cutting spending ( She stands up and says (most) of what I would like to stand up and say. I feel like she could be my voice in Washington.

She's strong, she seems like she has great integrity, and she honestly seems to want to make a difference more than she wants to make a name for herself (only time will tell if this really holds true).

Yes, the bridge to nowhere seems to be political mumbo jumbo...a catch phrase for a complicated issue that has become a political tool. It sounds to me like a political issue that has been oversimplified b/c it wasn't very well understood. (see the first comment under the Reuters article)

What an election to be alive to see!! I feel like we're all part of a very historic time, no matter what's exciting. And, I'm really interested and excited to hear all of your opinions. I can't seem to get enough of it!

Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room