Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Trip to the Dentist... a semi-fictional account of our first visit

“I scheduled an appointment for you guys to go to the dentist,” said Mom.

“Why do we have to go?” asked Chris.

“Dentists are doctors?” asked Jake.

“Will there be new toothbrushes?” asked Sam.

“It’s important to have the dentist check your teeth to make sure they’re healthy. The hygienist will use a special tool to clean your teeth while you’re there too.” Mom stated.

“Will it hurt?” asked Chris. “Can I take Leslie with me to hold onto in case I get scared and need her?”

“I’ve never been to a dentist before,” Sam said. “What should I wear to see the dentist? Do I need my backpack?”

“Dentist!!! I want to go!!!!” Jake exclaimed. Jake was only two and didn’t really understand what a trip to the dentist was all about. He just knew that his brothers were going and he wanted in on the action. No one was going to leave him at home while his brothers were out having fun!

Finally the day of their dentist appointments arrived. Chris and Sam weren’t sure that this sounded like a good idea but they were willing to trust Mom if she said it was important that they go. Jake was still excited about the prospect of going somewhere new.

Chris was the first one to get his teeth cleaned. He sat down in the big chair and held onto Leslie (in case he got scared). The lady who cleaned his teeth was very nice and showed him all of her tools and talked about how they worked. She told Chris what she was going to do. It didn’t sound very scary and Chris relaxed as she adjusted the chair back.

“Open your mouth wide so I can count all your teeth,” the lady said. Then she used her little pointy tool and counted all of Chris’s teeth. “Boy, you must do a good job brushing your teeth,” she told Chris. Your teeth look very clean.

Then she used her funny moving cleaning tool to clean Chris’s teeth. “Mmmm, bubble gum toothpaste,” said Chris. He liked the stuff she was using to clean his teeth. It didn’t take very long for her to finish cleaning his teeth. Then she went to get the Dentist.

Chris was a little bit worried but relaxed once the dentist came into the room. The dentist was a very tall man with a big smile. He made Chris feel comfortable and joked around with him a little bit before he looked at Chris’s mouth.

“These teeth look really good,” the dentist told Chris. “Keep on brushing and flossing every day. Pretty soon some of your teeth will get loose and fall out. Then new adult teeth will grow in.” Chris thought that having adult teeth sounded very grown up.

Once the dentist was finished Chris got to choose a toy from a big drawer full of toys. He picked out a squeaky green frog. “It a mutant alien frog from outer space!” Chris exclaimed.

Sam’s turn was next. He really didn’t like the way the chair tilted. He thought it was scary and uncomfortable. He did like the lady who cleaned his teeth. She was very nice and even let him sit up a little in the chair since having it lean all the way back scared him. She used a chain with some funny clips on the end to hold a great big napkin under his chin. She showed Sam all of her tools. “Look, this one shoots water,” she said, as she sprayed a stream of water across the room, “and this one catches the water and sucks it up,” she showed Sam the way the little tube caught and sucked up the water just like a little vacuum. Sam likes tools. He thought it was neat she shared her tools with him.
Sam was not impressed with the bubble gum flavored paste she used to clean his teeth. It didn’t hurt so Sam wasn’t scared anymore, but he did still feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Jake watched the whole process. He was only two so he wouldn’t get his teeth cleaned until after his third birthday. He was excited. Sam and Chris got new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss in a little bag with the toys the dentist gave them. It didn’t seem fair that Jake didn’t get to have his teeth cleaned and he didn’t get any goodies. Being a remarkably polite and patient child he exclaimed, “Where’s my toothbrush? I want a toothbrush too!!!” The very nice dental hygienist let Jake pick out a new toothbrush too.

Once everyone got home all the boys ran into the bathroom and brushed their teeth using their new toothbrushes. They are excited to go see the Dentist next time.


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