Friday, March 20, 2009

Anyone want to quilt with me?

Since spring is a full, busy time around our house and I don't have nearly as many hours to sit around thinking deep thoughts... I decided that in the interests of keeping my blog going (without philosophical discussion) it would be a good idea to do a few craft posts.

At the moment I am working on a quilt for my friend Christine. She is having a baby just about any day now- on Monday at the latest (since she has an induction appointment on Monday morning). I bought a set of Darla (by Tanya Whelan) fat quarters from Hancock's of Paducah (my all time favorite fabric store!). I anticipate using about half of each fat quarter to make a generous size baby quilt.

Quilting is more of an art than a science for me. What that means to you is that until the quilt is finished I will not know how much fabric I'm using or what the final dimensions will be. I'm planning on constructing the top using 8.5" squares.

Today I cut 4.5" strips and 2.5" strips from all of the Darla fabrics. I also cut a 4.5" strip of pink minky fabric (to add textural interest to the quilt).

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll post pictures and directions for the two different types of blocks I'll be using to piece the quilt top.


Amy said...

I'd love to quilt with you, but I just got my Twilight DVD so tonight is busy, and tomorrow I can't sew again until after the cookie booth.

That will make the cutest quilt!!!!

Christine said...

Looking at the date of when you started Ry's quilt lol! She is five months old now............. :p

Cathie said...

Dear Janet,
I was searching the internet this morning in an effort to find a few quilting blogs in Idaho - partciularly a quilt-a-long. My husband and I are relocating to Idaho in two years and I was interested in finding some information - when I came across your blog. I guess your, "anyone want to quilt with me?" post came up as a hit when I searched. My lucky day.
I must say - you stopped me dead in my tracks. I started reading, and kept reading, and reading, and reading - probably about an hour or so, almost feeling guilty about peering into your most intimate world and thoughts.
Your tender heartfelt words, so eloquent, yet so basic left me breathless. I will not comment on their content as I feel that a mere comment cannot do justice to either your words, nor my feelings about them.
I will say that I am leaving your blog - your little piece of the world - with so much more than I anticipated.
You ARE blessed my dear - with so very much. And you are wise beyond your years - a blessing for not only you, but your children, and those around you.
I am so thankful I came across you here. And if you ever do - find the time, and the heart to resume your quilting - you can "count me in," as I would LOVE to stitch with YOU.

Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room