Monday, March 30, 2009

A bag for Great-Grandma

This is the first project I've made using the "Feathered Friends" fat quarters I purchased for my birthday. It seems only fitting that I make birthday gifts using the birthday fabric! I don't really like the light blue bottom of the bag- I'm worried it will get dirty very easily. Other than that, I really like the way the bag came together. Very stripey!


Amy said...

That is super cute!!!! What kind of material is the light blue?

Mambinki said...

Wow, I love it! It is so spring-timey!

natalie said...

That is so cute. How much does it cost to make?

Janet said...

Thanks guys!

Amy- the light blue is a quilter's only solid from Jo-Ann's.

Natalie- the project uses two 15 x 30" cuts of fabric, 1 for the lining, 1 for the bag. I added stripes of two different fabrics so the light blue on the outside of the bag is actually about 15 x 19 inches. I also used a 15 x 30" piece of fusible interfacing to make the bag stiffer. I buy most of my fabric and notions when they are on sale- that really decreases the cost of the bag.

Regular prices=

Blue Quilter's Only Solid- $4/yd
It took almost one whole yard (lining is made with the same solid). I'm pretty sure this fabric was 40-50% off when I purchased it!

Feathered Friends- $9.49/yd I used an 8x15" section of the bird print and 5 x 15" section of the floral print. I actually paid full price for the fat quarter set of this collection from Hancock's of Paducah (a first for me!). They were $29.99/15 fat quarters.

Interfacing- I used most of a yard of interfacing. It ranges in price but I think this one was $1.99/yd. I got it for 50% off ($1.00/yd) and bought all that remained on the roll (about 15 yards).

Amy said...

The more I see the bag the more I like it. You should try fusible fleece one of these times, I really liked it for the bag that I just made. It's a little softer than interfacing but still gives the shape and form.

Mom said...

Very nice bag! Great Job! Thank you for coming by...

Barbara Frank said...

How pretty! She will love it, I'm sure. And I'm chiming in with your commenter Amy that fusible fleece is an awesome product for tote bags.

Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room