Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Ride

Sit tall in the saddle, hold your head up high, keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky. Live like you ain't afraid to die, and don't be scared- just enjoy your ride.


chris miller said...

Dear Janet--

It's me, Chris Miller, your Mom's old friend from college. I have been reading your blog since last winter when I stumbled upon it through blogs of quilters in Idaho. I often thought of writing to tell you I was reading, but didn't Then I got a new computer and didn't have your link. Tonight, I was thinking of you and searched and searched until I found you. Then I knew something was different.

I am sending love and and hugs your way. I can still remember when your Mom called to tell me your Dad had died and I can hardly believe this has happened to you. But you are right--God is wih you. Isaiah 41:10 and 43:1-3a You will be in my prayers, too.

Baby Olivia said...

I also wanted to post a comment to say that I am thinking about you and I have your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, I know this is a completely inappropriate, but I was just wondering if you ever did get an etsy page up and running?.....just because I was on there recently and I am a huge fan of quilts and sewing and I never did follow up after that discussion way back when on purses and bags.


Janet said...

Hi Chris, It's amazing to find out different people reading my blog :-) I never imagined there would be people I know out there in the blogsphere! Thanks for your prayers, I think they really do help.

Catherine, Thanks for checking on me. I never did get an Etsy shop set up. Life got too hectic to complete anything that wasn't already committed elsewhere. I love the online quilting community. If you have any interest in learning how to quilt there are tons of resources online. Visit Amy's blog (Mamiebelle- it's on my sidebar) and check out some of the links on her sidebar. That's where I get a lot of my ideas!

Jake camping in the living room

Jake camping in the living room